There is a saying that “History often goes in circles”. That’s how it has been for us. When we were young, we both felt attached to agriculture even to the point of graduating from the Technical School of Horticulture and then further studies in Environmental Protection (Basia) and Agriculture (Marcin) which we pursued with passion and practice. However, over the following years, the practicalities of life dragged us away from our dreams until we were almost completely separated from them and the land.
After a number of years working in other fields of industry we still held a sentimental feeling for the land and cultivation and as our conditions improved we started to look around for a plot of land or small farm to buy. It happened suddenly one day that we met Roman Myśliwiec from Jasło – a doyen of the rebirth of wine-making in Lower Carpathian Province.
A month after our first meeting, in the Spring of 2002, we bought a few-acre farm in the village of Glinik Polski. At first, we only wanted to use the farm as recreation for the weekend with a small vineyard attached. But suddenly, after the first year of cultivation, the initial vision changed and started to transform into something much bigger.


























Because of the long distance between the farm and our permanent home – more than 300 kms. – we decided to buy a second farm near Daromin in the district of Sandomierz in 2005.

In the same year, we started our current vineyard, an area of about 12 acres. Today, after twenty years of practice and many training trips abroad, we manage a professional, small family vineyard, in which every significant decision and operation belongs to us, the owners. Our Son, Piotr, is a graduate of University of Life Sciences, Department of Food Technology, and him and his wife, Katarzyna, show a keen interest in the subject of oenology and declare their willingness to link their future to the wine production.


Polish wines

In 2008, our vineyard was registered and, since then, our wines are available for sale.

Also, work started on the expansion of the buildings in Daromin. That meant creating a sufficiently large wine cellar, properly prepared for the production of high-quality wine and the construction of accompanying infrastructure.

At the moment, the vineyard has four double or twin rooms, a spacious family apartment for 4 persons, a large tasting room with sanitary facilities and a kitchenette.

Visiting the vineyard

From May to August, on Saturdays at 3.00 pm and 5.00 pm we welcome individual guests who can visit the vineyard and taste authentic Polish wines. Before arrival, it is necessary to contact us by phone, as a visit is not always possible. We also organize tastings for organized groups.

We warmly welcome you, Barbara and Marcin.

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Płochocki Vineyard

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