Rose semi-dry

Strains: Bolero, Marechal Foch, Rondo

A classic, pleasant rose wine. Juicy with aromas of sweet fruits of raspberries, wild strawberries and blackberries, skillfully balanced in the mouth, allowing you to enjoy both sweet accents and good, refreshing acidity. The perfect choice not only for summer!

Sey Sey

White semi-dry

Strains: Seyval Blanc

One of the vineyard’s trademarks and the most popular wine offered. Popular choice among loyal fans. Perfect, and balanced way combines the aromas of exotic fruits, melon, pineapple with a hint of herbal notes and pleasant sweetness. The whole is crowned with pleasant, invigorating acidity. Served well chilled is a lot of fun


White dry

Strains: Cserszegi Fuszeres, Hibernal, Johaniter, Muscaris, Solaris, Traminer

Wine with a beautiful light yellow color and intense shine. The aromas of pear, melon, pineapple and jasmine flower and wild rose are skillfully combined with good acidity. The structure of the wine is impressive, not only making it a great pair to various meals, but also providing a good aging potential.


White dry

Strains: Hibernal, Johaniter, Pinot Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Solaris

Wine with a beautiful straw color and shiny reflections. The aroma is dominated by notes of elderberry flower, nettle, white fruit and characteristic notes of grapefruit and papaya peel. Good balance and a refreshing ending. Perfect for seafood, salads, fish and Asian dishes.

Inspira Volcano

White dry

Strains: Hibernal, Seyval Blanc, Sibera

A unique wine inspired by a visit to the Hungarian region of Somlo. Aged in a preused Hungarian barrel, it impresses with aromas of ripe citrus, peach and mango, accompanied by balsamic and even eucalyptus notes. At the same time, they retain an impressive dose of freshness and the potential for further aging.


Red dry

Strains: Cabernt Cortis, Marechal Foch, Regent

Beautiful purple color with reflections. Clear aromas of red fruit – cherries, blackberries and red currants, accompanied by spicy and peppery notes. The strong structure is distinguished by good tannins, the whole is tied together with well-balanced acidity. Elegant wine with high potential.


Red dry

Strains: Cabernet Cortis., Frontenac, Leon Millot, Marechal Foch, Rondo

Deep, purple color and good concentration. Rich in aromas of dark fruit, prunes and clearly marked notes of vanilla and toast. Strongly structured, hot n the mouth, which is characteristic of the yeast strain used for fermentation.
We especially recommend it with beef.

Ro Do

Red dry

Strains: Marechal Foch, Regent, Rondo

Shiny purple wine with typical aromas of fresh red fruits: cherries, blackberries and blueberries. In the background, delicate barrel notes. Quite light, with good acidity, tastes great when slightly chilled. The perfect pairing for duck and light pasta.


Red dry

Strains: Sankt Laurent, Zweigelt

Wine with a beautiful ruby color. One of the most interesting interpretations of this variety, retaining all its characteristics – clear aromas of cherries, blackberries and cherries, accompanied by notes of black pepper and smoked paprika. Good, tannic and slightly earthy structure. Good balanced acidity guarantees good aging potential.


White dry

Strains: Seyval Blanc

Absolutely unique wine fermenting and maturing in original Georgian amphoras. Unfiltered, with a distinctly orange color, it is filled with unique aromas of orange peel, dried fruit, nuts and cloves. The taste also has a characteristic, salty note, and at the end – a distinct acidity. Wine with considerable aging potential and ideal parameters for pairing with many meals.


Naturally sweet white

Strains: Hibernal, Solaris

Beautiful, saturated amber color, clearly oily, full of aromas of ripe exotic fruit, pear in syrup, peach jam, honey with delicate, spicy nuances. Pleasant acidity keeps the wine fresh and makes it a perfect pair for sweet salads or blue cheese.


Red dry

Strains: Marechal Foch, Regent

Beautiful, saturated color. With aromas of blackberries, red currants, cherries in liqueur and smoked plums. Medium-bodied, balanced, spicy in the finish with a slightly perceptible note of oak. It gains after a few minutes of aeration in the glass.


White semi-dry

Strains: Johaniter, Muscaris, Muscat, Seyval Blanc, Solaris

A coupage with a strong character – with characteristic notes of nutmeg and rose accompanied by white fruit and balsamic notes. A good structure and an interesting, herbal aftertaste. Perfect for non-fatty fish and seafood.

Pinot noir

Red dry

Bright red wine with ruby accents, seduces with aromas of cherries and wild strawberries. The perceptible notes of vanilla come from aging the wine in the barrel. Well integrated, with pleasant acidity and aging potential. A perfect choice for duck and pâtés


White dry

Light yellow wine with green reflections. Reveals lush aromas of citrus fruits, apples and peaches with delicate mineral notes which are a characteristic of this variety. Its crisp acidity makes this wine a great pairing for many dishes. We especially recommend to serve it with seafood, sushi, fish, poultry and asparagus. A wine with a high aging potential.

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